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Partnership | Welcome to Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) - Promoting Youth Empowerment for Development
According to African Development Bank, Africa has 420 million youth between 15-35 years; 50% are not contributing to the economy and of the 50% contributing to the economy, 35% are vulnerable. That means only 15% are effectively contributing to the economy. AfDB (2015).

At GAIN, we reach about a million youths through our online and physical programs annually. Our 5 year target is to empower 60% of this figure to start contributing to the economies of their various countries.

Let’s work together to accomplish this target.

How you can partner with GAIN

  • Partner on one of our existing programs
  • Host training programs on the themes: entrepreneurship, mentorship, youth employment, careers, digital skills, leadership, self development, etc.
  • Host a workshop/seminar/conference of any scale.
  • Organize business plan competition/ academic competition
  • Organize and run a relevant campaign
  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Design a program for a school, community, group or region.
  • Engage in policy advocacy
  • Design and implement a customized program

Partners & Supporters

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Let's build the Africa we want, together

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