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GAIN Youth Community | Welcome to Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) - Promoting Youth Empowerment for Development



GAIN community is a fast growing global network of young Africans.





We are a Connected Community


A one stop global community of African youngsters and leaders from around the world. GAIN is a  platform that amplifies the voices of young leaders. 




We are Result Oriented


GAIN platform trains, connects and exposes the youth to the power of harnessing their potentials; plants hope and inspires action by specially recognizing and celebrating African change agents. This is aimed to encourage further positive impact on the continent.




We operate a Mentorship Hub


GAIN as a platform bridges the gap between global leaders in both private and public sectors and young African leaders in the corporate world, entrepreneurship, innovation and academia.




A lot to “GAIN” from our Network


GAIN provides a global opportunity for meaningful and impactful networking.




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