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GAIN Entrepreneurship Masterclass & Coaching | Welcome to Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) - Promoting Youth Empowerment for Development

GAIN Entrepreneurship Masterclass & Coaching

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    Mon Sep 27 2021
    Sat Oct 02 2021

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    Online Masterclass

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    Event Cost

    $100 – $200
    Age: 18 & Above

GAIN Entrepreneurship Masterclass & Coaching Sessions

We designed this course to help you:

  • Acquire the right skills to build a successful business,
  • Make better business decision and protect your business capital
  • Grow your existing business or
  • Identify your customers and know how best to reach them
  • Contribute to the growth of the organisation where you work.

It is a difficult and lonely journey building a business, sometimes you want to give up.

We understand that and we are here to help you overcome that fear .

Save your slot now

Because you don't know the secrets to building the foundation of a sound business,

You lose your business capital

You waste your time, energy and resources

You are not able to scale your business

You make bad business decisions

You don't know how to build your team for success

You don't even have the right business structure

You don't have the methodology to identify your market

You don't know where and how to find your customers.

You are not sure how to build a sound business model

You don't know how to attract investors

You have no idea how to forecast your profit and business growth

You do not understand the legal framework for a successful business

We understand these issues, we will help you on your journey to building a successful business.

Good News: We have selected the best global experts to help you but we have a limited no of seats

What you will get:

  1. Live online classes that will hold from 27th September to 2nd October, 2021
  2. 4 Weekly Group Live Online Coaching Sessions (An opportunity to ask questions peculiar to your business. This attracts additional cost)
  3. Opportunity to have a private session with a facilitator (This allows attention to you alone. It comes at an additional cost)
  4. Access to a community of like minds to support one another and exchange ideas.
  5. A certificate of Participation from Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN)

Hurry and secure your slot now

Many Businesses fail because of poor business communication.

How do you identify your customers?

What kind of message speaks to your customers?

We have carefully selected top of the range global faculty to meet you at the point of your need.

At the end of this masterclass, you will:

  • Be equipped with requisite skills to build, grow and scale your business or the business that employs you.

  • Learn to build, position and expand your business to take advantage of business beyond borders.

  • Understand business communication strategies to reach your target market with your value proposition.

  • Learn the strategy to map your audience for better relationship and communication.

  • Learn how to build your business using the lean startup methodology to avoid losing your business capital.

  • Master how to develop a sustainable business model.

  • Will have an opportunity to interact and learn from people from varying backgrounds and markets for a richer business experience.

  • Learn how to build a team and establish strong leadership capital for productivity and business growth.

  • Learn how to write a business plan and pitch your business to investors.

  •  Understand the legal intricacies of business and intellectual property issues.

  •  Become an entrepreneur, build your dream business, create employment and also contribute to economic development.

Go ahead and secure your seat now. Limited slots available

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